Optional Extras

Option extras (can be specified on all models.)            £

T5/T6 Colour Coding Roof to match Vehicle Paint.              300.00.

Scenic Canvass.                                                                   200.00.

Lift Bed inc Mattress.                                                           100.00.

Sidestep (fitted).                                                                  175.00.

Rear Threshold Cover (fitted).                                             100.00.


Autoterm Planar Heater.                                                      900.00.


SMART Bed ¾ MOT Compliant                                         Prices start at £1400.
(Upholstery Choices Affect Price).

SMART Bed Full Width M1 Crash Tested. Prices start at £2000.
(Upholstery Choices Affect Price).

Prices start at £550 (Upholstery Choices Affect Price.)

Double swivel base (Kirivans).                                          £400.00.

Single Swivel Drivers/Passenger (Kirivans).                     £350.00.

Passenger Side Single Swivel with Lockable Safe. £350.00.


Solar Panel (160w) with Digital MPPT Controller.             £750.00.

Rear Speakers. (x2)                                                          £195.00.

Additional 12v Socket.                                                       £75.00.

Additional 240v Sockets.                                                   £75.00.            

LED Under Worktop Lighting.                                           £150.00.

LED Lights (per light).                                                       £30.00.                                


Kickboards for Bed.                                                      £150.00.

Overhead Shelf on Kitchen.                                          £150.00.

Camping GAZ Bottle + Regulator + Gas Cert.               £150.00.

ALL PRICES ARE CORRECT AT THE TIME OF PUBLISHING THIS PRICE LIST (February 2021) but are subject to change and availability of the products offered. E & O E.

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